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Summary Automated source code analysis, metrics, and related tools
Owner(s) jrobbins


In the beginning, there was `lint`. Now, software developers are increasing using sophisticated analysis tools to find potential functional defects, security holes, or maintanence problems in their source code and design models. These tools provide an important complement to testing tools.


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Project name Summary
argopdf Report generator for ArgoUML
kinkajoudiff Java visual file and directory diff tool
openpsa Management package for software consultancies
perlcritic Static Analyzer For Perl
pet-msit-07 This is the software engineering foundation course project.
pnguyen Paul Nguyen's Research Project
smoktest-feb13-2018 smoktest-Feb13-2018
soaj SOAj: A "General Store" Approach for Application Development
stylebase Tool for managing a software architectural knowledgebase
subvstats Creates a statistics summary report of subversion repositories.
yoxel Adaptive Project Management